A Visitor For Bear by Bonny Becker

Listen & Read: Practise Pronunciation.
Learn to speak English fluently.

Quick English language lesson online – the story is ‘A visitor for Bear’ by Bonnie Becker.

I had a lot of fun creating this storytelling project for both teachers and students alike, and I am glad to be sharing it here with you today.

A Visitor for Bear A Story by Bonny Becker and Illustrated by Kady Macdonald Denton, Candlewick Press

How to use the audio slide lesson:

1. You click on the link and click on the ‘Read & Listen‘ button and it will start.

2. It will play the audio, so you can follow along and read it.

4. Look nicely at each picture.

5. Try to read the words out loud. Try now.

6. When you are finished with each slide… Click on the ‘>‘ symbol (on the top right side) to continue to the next slide.

7. Repeat until the last slide. Well done!

8. Always have fun!

Enjoy the lesson,
Teacher Isabel D

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