English Lessons: Animation (Movie Trailers)

Top movie trailers for fun English language practise for all levels.

Watch the videos on fullscreen over and over until you can repeat the sentences fluently by yourself. Ask here for English language Lessons.

Skills: Practise speaking and listening.
Level: All.

Cars 3

Frozen 2 trailer 1

Frozen 2 trailer 3

Frozen 2 “Let it go.”

Ice Age 2 trailer 1

Ice Age 3 trailer 1

Ice Age 4 trailer 1

Ice Age 4 trailer 2

Lion King trailer 1

Lion King trailer 2

Moana “How far Ill go.”

Moana “We know the way.”

Moana “You’re welcome.”

Paddington 2

Spies In Disguise

Mary Poppins

Pets trailer 1

Pets trailer 2

Toy Story 4 trailer 1

Toy Story 4 trailer 2

Wonder Park

Zootopia 1 trailer 1

Zootopia 1 trailer 2