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Support: I forgot my password

Go to this page – Lost My Password. eClass Tutor will send you an email.

Knowledgebase: Do I need to create an account to see more?

Yes, registration is free.
Join if you want to get the full benefit… See what eClass Tutor has to offer you!

Knowledgebase: Do you teach worldwide?

Yes. We offer online courses and whiteboard classes worldwide.

Troubleshooting: Problems connecting to whiteboard classroom.

NOTE: Not all eClass tutors use the same ‘whiteboard’ classroom.
Contact the tutor inside your account.
– Click on the ‘Help’
– Send the tutor a message.

1. Try to switch video ‘off’ and then
2. Enter the ‘whiteboard’ classroom.


Knowledgebase: How do I use my student account?

1. First, your Profile page: check to see if all your details are correct and up-to-date.
2. Next, look at the Courses on eClass tutor and add your favourite courses to your Wish List folder.
4. Choose a course from your Wish List folder and ask the tutor for a Live Chat – Book-a-call.

Tutor-student meet up and see the whiteboard classroom. Tutor-student will discuss about the eClass tutor courses and which course will suit you best! Once both student-and-teacher agree, tutor will give student ‘day-time’ for the first free 30-minute lesson’.

5. When tutor and you (the student) finish chat call… Time to enrol on the course.
Remember First 30-minute Lesson is Free’ Live chat with your tutor first to arrange start-date.
– Inside the course click  the Book Lesson – set up the number of lessons, days, etc. … Book and pay!

If the course has ’20 Modules’ you can go in and book as many lessons as you want.

Example: Book 8 one-hour lessons for 8:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Wednesday.
That gives you 4-weeks (8 x 1-hour lessons 2 times a week).
Then you can go back in and book some more until the course is finished.

Knowledgebase: Do I have to add a profile picture?

No, but it will be nice for the tutor to see your face. No-one will see your profile. Only you and your tutor.

Knowledgebase: What are 'Notes' for?

You must be enrolled in a course to use ‘Notes’.

‘Notes’ – Your private notebook!

‘Notes’ are for anything you want to remember about your course,
e.g. questions you want to ask your tutor on the next live whiteboard class
or homework you want to practise… You can type anything here.

Knowledgebase: Can I contact my tutor for help with my lessons?

Yes, you must first be enrolled in the course.
You will automatically be linked to the tutor inside.

Click on the ‘Help’.
Type and send your message to the tutor.
The tutor will get your message and reply to you the same way.

Knowledgebase: What happens if I miss my lesson?

Remember, you have to cancel the lesson 24-hours BEFORE the date.

If you do NOT tell the tutor, then it is up to the tutor to decide if it will be a ‘paid’ lesson or not.

Knowledgebase: How do I cancel my lesson?

You must cancel 24-hours BEFORE lesson date. Send message to your tutor to cancel and/or re-schedulde lesson.

If you cancel WITHIN the 24-hour period, your tutor has to decide if it will be a ‘paid’ lesson or not

Knowledgebase: How do I cancel tutor?

Contact eClass Tutor here.
If you want, tell us why you want to cancel this tutor.
We can try to help you look for another eClass tutor.

Support: I'm having problems with my payments.

1. Send your tutor a message inside.
2. Contact eClass tutor admin too.

Support: How do I get money back (a refund)?

Contact eClass Tutor here.


Knowledgebase: Why is my account showing as 'pending'?

Once your registration has been completed and successfully sent, your account will remain as ‘pending’ until the admin from eClass Tutor works the magic inside and ‘activates’ your tutor account.

Sorry, this is a double-security precaution against bad folk lurking out there.

Knowledgebase: How do I use my tutor account?

Tutors, you have everything explained inside. Nifty tools and choice of levels. Enjoy!

Support: How do I contact admin?

Inside, in your dashboard look for the ‘Help’ tab to send your message to admin, thanks.